On Boring Conformists and Right-Wing Recusants

On Boring Conformists and Right-Wing Recusants
The Backbencher (2nd November 2016)
By Keir Martland 

James Delingpole’s recent article in The Spectator about the Right’s minority-status at Cambridge is absolutely correct. Yet the Left’s worst trait is its tendency to see itself as an embattled minority when in fact leftists are the new Establishment. Since the Left is the Establishment, the Left “sets the culture” – a particularly authoritarian phrase used by the Women’s Officer at Clare (according to ‘The Tab’) when talking about compulsory sessions at the start of Fresher’s Week. Dissent from the leftist Groupthink is not punished by throwing people out of helicopters, but by ostracism and other forms of non-violent opprobrium whose aims are to shut down debate and narrow the Overton Window. (more…)


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The Salisbury Review: Giving consent to compulsory thinking at Cambridge University

On Compulsory Consent Workshops at Cambridge 
By Keir Martland
The Salisbury Review

(9th October 2016)

A few days ago, I was sat down in my College’s Hall at the University of Cambridge with the rest of the first year undergraduates to be, since the Matriculation ceremony was yet to take place, being welcomed by the Master and the Senior Tutor. This was a wonderful moment. After receiving my A-Level results of 2A*s and an A, and another A* in EPQ, I had been accepted by Cambridge in August. Yet it was only then, nearly two months later, when sat in the Hall, that it finally sunk in. “Yes, I’m actually going to read History at the best university in the world,” I thought to myself. I remain grateful to the University and my College for this opportunity which I intend to grasp to the full.

I had already looked at my piece of paper detailing the sessions freshers were expected to attend. Of course, after years of state schooling, with all those letters demanding voluntary contributions, and stern teachers with their, “I would suggest you do this”, I was by now well aware what “expected to attend” meant. This was no problem at all, since, on inspection, there was nothing unreasonable about the titles of the sessions. There was a talk by the bursar, a fire safety presentation, and, among others, a “Good Relationships Workshop.” I thought nothing of this last, innocuously named session. (more…)

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On Left and Right, Libertarianism, and The Donald

On Left and Right, Libertarianism, and The Donald
By Keir Martland
20th September 2016

Permit me a long and rambling introduction. I spent much of August reading, and in some cases re-reading, the works of the distributists, particularly Hilaire Belloc [see my short essay on The Servile State]. The way distributism is often presented is as a “third way” between socialism and the current economic order. I say “the current economic order” because we don’t have laissez-faire capitalism and we are far from it. Rather, what we have is a dirty mixture somewhere between state control and state-privileged corporate control of the means of production and much else, which some call crony capitalism or corporatism. (more…)

Ilana Mercer: “A Youth’s Ignorance About Me, Islam & Ground Zero of Private Property”

All publicity is good publicity. I would respond at length, but a) Sean Gabb’s recent essay ‘Against Islamophobia’ is a more or less accurate exposition of my own views on the topic at hand and b) I really don’t want to get into a spat with Ilana. Suffice it to say that I don’t believe my initial response was based on emotions, Ilana’s is a little over-the-top, and I think she has read far too much into my own words. But rather than give a Strawman version of her arguments, I will simply repost them in full on my own website for all to read. I do hope that this disagreement can remain on topic – that is, the topic of Islam and its connection with libertarianism and alleged connection with violence – with no personal abuse. KM.

A Youth’s Ignorance About Me, Islam & Ground Zero Of Private Property
By Ilana Mercer

To my post “Should A Vocal, Veteran Critic Of Islam ‘Conference’ In Turkey?,” the Libertarian Alliance’s Keir Martland offers the response of a patronizing youth, who has not read one word of the (analytical) writing done by this writer regarding Islam, over the years, aforementioned in the rhetorically titled post (aka “The Islam In the Room”).