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The Only Conference Worth Attending

The Only Conference Worth Attending: A Personal Account of the 11th Conference of the Property & Freedom Society
By Keir Martland
(10th September 2016)

In an age when most conference speeches are almost automatically uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube, why bother going to the conference in person? Surely, it is so much more enjoyable to watch the conference speeches in the comfort of your own living room from your laptop, one per night for about a week? Conferences are generally awful. The speakers can be dull. The room might be ugly. The chairs might be uncomfortable. The food – if there is any – might be inedible. There is never any entertainment. Why bother going?

This holds up pretty well for most conferences, but not for the annual conference of the Property & Freedom Society, hosted by Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe and Dr. Guelcin İmre Hoppe at the gorgeous Hotel Karia Princess in Bodrum, Turkey. As Dr İmre Hoppe put it last year in her own speech, the PFS is the Club Med of conferences. (more…)


The Club Med of Conferences

The Club Med of Libertarian Conferences
Keir Martland
14th October 2015

Earlier this year, Hans-Hermann Hoppe invited me to his annual Property and Freedom Society (PFS) conference in Bodrum, Turkey. Having never been to Turkey before, I decided I would ask a good friend and colleague from the Libertarian Alliance, Sean Gabb, if I could travel with him. He responded, “If you think you can put up with me, let’s do it.”

At the airport, Sean and I had a chat over a coffee at the Jamie Oliver café about the ageing leftists and the young and vibrant right, evidenced by – apart from my good self at the Libertarian Alliance – the new generation of writers and activists for all manner of organisations, be it Breitbart, Young Independence, or indeed the Adam Smith Institute. I wasn’t convinced, but after a rare moment of optimism from Sean, we went to the duty free to get some whisky for Professor Hoppe. (more…)