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Video: The Middle Ages as Ordered Anarchy


CUCA Port & Policy (12/10/2016)

The first Cambridge University Conservative Association (CUCA) ‘Port & Policy’ meeting this Term took place last night. (Photographs below taken by CUCA and from their Twitter page.) At this event, after having criticised the Osborne economic policy of a painfully slow reduction of the budget deficit, I spoke in favour of much more “austerity”, making the moral and practical case for a massive reduction in the size of the State. Further to this, I argued that it should not be the role of government macroeconomic policy to prevent recessions, especially following unsustainable booms caused by a loose monetary policy. In short, austerity works, and, while unpopular, it is the right thing to do. Other debates had at the meeting were over Grammar Schools and the Single Market.

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PFS 2016 Talk – On the Glorious Revolution

How Glorious was the “Glorious Revolution”?

How Glorious was the “Glorious Revolution”?
(Adapted from an address to the 11th meeting of the Property & Freedom Society)
By Keir Martland

I would like to begin by thanking Professor Hoppe and Dr Imre Hoppe for their generosity in inviting me to speak on 2nd September to such an august gathering as the Property and Freedom Society – and at such a young age. The topic of the speech I gave was the so-called Glorious Revolution, although it might as easily have been titled “On Politics and Religion”, so central were these two themes to my own speech. Therefore, at the beginning of this essay I cannot help but recall an anecdote told of G.K. Chesterton. The great man was offered a column by the Illustrated London News Company and he very humbly asked on what he could possibly write for them. (more…)

Libertarian Thoughts on Foreign Policy

Property & Freedom Society 2016

I will be speaking later this year (September, 2016) at the 11th annual meeting of the Property & Freedom Society in Bodrum, Turkey.

A list of this year’s speakers can be found here:


Upcoming Speaking Engagement

On 19th July 2016 I will be speaking to the Libertarian Alliance on ‘Libertarian Thoughts on Foreign Policy.’ The venue is The Institute of Education, off Russell Square – student bar, Room S16, Thornhaugh Street. The event will start at 7:30pm. Admission is free and all are welcome.