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Ilana Mercer: “A Youth’s Ignorance About Me, Islam & Ground Zero of Private Property”

All publicity is good publicity. I would respond at length, but a) Sean Gabb’s recent essay ‘Against Islamophobia’ is a more or less accurate exposition of my own views on the topic at hand and b) I really don’t want to get into a spat with Ilana. Suffice it to say that I don’t believe my initial response was based on emotions, Ilana’s is a little over-the-top, and I think she has read far too much into my own words. But rather than give a Strawman version of her arguments, I will simply repost them in full on my own website for all to read. I do hope that this disagreement can remain on topic – that is, the topic of Islam and its connection with libertarianism and alleged connection with violence – with no personal abuse. KM.

A Youth’s Ignorance About Me, Islam & Ground Zero Of Private Property
By Ilana Mercer

To my post “Should A Vocal, Veteran Critic Of Islam ‘Conference’ In Turkey?,” the Libertarian Alliance’s Keir Martland offers the response of a patronizing youth, who has not read one word of the (analytical) writing done by this writer regarding Islam, over the years, aforementioned in the rhetorically titled post (aka “The Islam In the Room”).



Hans Hoppe’s PFS Conference in Turkey, a Report

Hans Hoppe’s PFS Conference in Turkey, a Report

By Walter Block

I just spent one of the most marvelous weeks in my entire career at this conference, hosted by my good friend Hans Hoppe: September 1-6, 2016. PFS 2016; Annual Meeting of the Property and Freedom Society

It was a magnificent event. The speakers were excellent, all of them. That alone, is a rarity in events of this sort. Usually, a few are boring, or have views contrary to Austro-libertarianism; not here, not here. Please take a peek at all the speakers. I want to single out only two. First, the man himself, Hans. I summarize his speech (explaining his argumentation ethics and defending it against critics) in three words: Johan Sebastian Bach, my favorite composer. As usual, Hans was simply scintillating. Like Bach, his arguments were organized, brilliant, inexorable. The other speaker I’d like to mention is Keir Martland. He is only 18 years old, but more than held his own in this august company. He reminded me of a very young Roy Childs, who was my teacher at the Freedom School in Colorado when he was only 17 years old. Both Keir (now) and Roy (then) were just out of diapers a few months before I met them, and both were world class scholars of very tender years. I expect great things from this young man. (more…)