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Mises UK

– For an economic system which is genuinely fair and independent of the control of global elites;
– For the destruction of the bureaucratic and oppressive state;
– For the end of fiat currency and a return to honest money;
– For straight talking on issues of culture and liberty;

Ludwig von Mises (1881-1973) was one of the most important thinkers of the twentieth century, and certainly its most important economist. We want to set up a Mises Institute in the United Kingdom, for classical liberal, libertarian, and conservative academics to more easily promote the ideas of the Austrian School and related thinkers. The first stage is a website, where we aim to publish scholarly articles to further the Misesean tradition. We also want to run seminars, conferences, debates and other events in London, Cambridge, and elsewhere. For all this, we need your support. We are asking you to contribute what you can to the establishment of Mises UK. Follow the link here.

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Interview w/ Rik Storey

On Left and Right, Libertarianism, and The Donald

On Left and Right, Libertarianism, and The Donald
By Keir Martland
20th September 2016

Permit me a long and rambling introduction. I spent much of August reading, and in some cases re-reading, the works of the distributists, particularly Hilaire Belloc [see my short essay on The Servile State]. The way distributism is often presented is as a “third way” between socialism and the current economic order. I say “the current economic order” because we don’t have laissez-faire capitalism and we are far from it. Rather, what we have is a dirty mixture somewhere between state control and state-privileged corporate control of the means of production and much else, which some call crony capitalism or corporatism. (more…)

The Only Conference Worth Attending

The Only Conference Worth Attending: A Personal Account of the 11th Conference of the Property & Freedom Society
By Keir Martland
(10th September 2016)

In an age when most conference speeches are almost automatically uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube, why bother going to the conference in person? Surely, it is so much more enjoyable to watch the conference speeches in the comfort of your own living room from your laptop, one per night for about a week? Conferences are generally awful. The speakers can be dull. The room might be ugly. The chairs might be uncomfortable. The food – if there is any – might be inedible. There is never any entertainment. Why bother going?

This holds up pretty well for most conferences, but not for the annual conference of the Property & Freedom Society, hosted by Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe and Dr. Guelcin İmre Hoppe at the gorgeous Hotel Karia Princess in Bodrum, Turkey. As Dr İmre Hoppe put it last year in her own speech, the PFS is the Club Med of conferences. (more…)

Hans Hoppe’s PFS Conference in Turkey, a Report

Hans Hoppe’s PFS Conference in Turkey, a Report

By Walter Block

I just spent one of the most marvelous weeks in my entire career at this conference, hosted by my good friend Hans Hoppe: September 1-6, 2016. PFS 2016; Annual Meeting of the Property and Freedom Society

It was a magnificent event. The speakers were excellent, all of them. That alone, is a rarity in events of this sort. Usually, a few are boring, or have views contrary to Austro-libertarianism; not here, not here. Please take a peek at all the speakers. I want to single out only two. First, the man himself, Hans. I summarize his speech (explaining his argumentation ethics and defending it against critics) in three words: Johan Sebastian Bach, my favorite composer. As usual, Hans was simply scintillating. Like Bach, his arguments were organized, brilliant, inexorable. The other speaker I’d like to mention is Keir Martland. He is only 18 years old, but more than held his own in this august company. He reminded me of a very young Roy Childs, who was my teacher at the Freedom School in Colorado when he was only 17 years old. Both Keir (now) and Roy (then) were just out of diapers a few months before I met them, and both were world class scholars of very tender years. I expect great things from this young man. (more…)

Shitocracy: Rule by Excrement

Shitocracy: Rule by Excrement

What is the difference between our political setup in the West and that of, say, Iran? Why, we are “democracies”! In the countries of the West, we rule ourselves, whether directly through plebiscites or indirectly through electing deputies. This, any constitutional textbook will have you believe, is what makes us in the West free, and everyone else unfree.

So what are these freedoms that we hold dear in the West? Trial by jury, freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of religion, freedom from mutilation, habeas corpus, free markets, private property rights, limited government generally. These rights, and others as articulated by the classical liberal, conservative, and Natural Law traditions, are what make us who we are. (more…)

Upcoming Speaking Engagement

On 19th July 2016 I will be speaking to the Libertarian Alliance on ‘Libertarian Thoughts on Foreign Policy.’ The venue is The Institute of Education, off Russell Square – student bar, Room S16, Thornhaugh Street. The event will start at 7:30pm. Admission is free and all are welcome.