The Fallout from the Brexit Referendum   Leave a comment

Episode Summary

Keir Martland joins Adam Camac to discuss the fallout from the Brexit referendum, how the result will affect British political parties and politicians, whether the United Kingdom will undergo any territorial changes in the aftermath of the vote, and the potential global legacy of the Brexit vote.

About the Guest

Mr. Martland is the director of publications at The Libertarian Alliance and the host of the Free Life Podcast. He is the author of Liberty from a Beginner: Selected Essays.

You can follow his work at, via The Libertarian Alliance, and on Twitter.

Biographical information is from

Book Mentioned
1. Liberty from a Beginner: Selected Essays by Keir Martland

Resources Mentioned
1. The Libertarian Alliance
2. Free Life Podcast
3. The Backbencher
4. Attack the System
5. England Calling with Robert Henderson
6. EU Referendum with Richard North
7. Peter Htichens’s The Mail on Sunday Blog
8. Peter Oborne’s Daily Telegraph Archive

Previous Appearance and Related Episodes
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